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Homemade and Natural Cleaning Products

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Erin Benhke  shared some great ideas, tips and recipes with us.

Homemade and Natural Cleaning Products

I wanted to share with you some of my personal experience with homemade an natural products.  I have 17+ years of using these types of products, and have made plenty of mistakes a long the way.  Please learn from my trial and error to have your clothes and home as clean as you want it. 

First, scents really do play a huge role in what we purchase.  They make cleaning much more pleasant or unpleasant for us.  I cannot handle strong fragrance oils/scents.  They give me headaches.  I have learned that I really do need to stick with natural for this.  Essential Oils do not seem to bother me.  Sometimes I find it difficult to find pleasing smells in homemade EO blends, so I will purchased products that are already scented.  Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soaps come in many different pleasing scents.  If you don’t want to purchase a large amount of Eos to play around with, this is a good option.

Second, soaps and detergents work differently.  Detergents work better for getting clothes clean than soaps do.  In fact soaps will end up leaving your clothes with lots of mineral build up and will end up making them dingy and stinky over time.  I have found that short cuts or money saving homemade products do not work effectively in my laundry.  My favorite laundry products come from Bio Kleen (Bac Out is the BEST).  Although after learning more about detergents this past month, I will be trying something new from Costco soon.  I also have to mention that I love Shaklee’s Basic H.  A little goes a long way, it can be used for countless applications, and I can scent it any way I want to. 
Third, here are things that are a waste of money:

·         Ceramic Washing Machine Balls- these are a scam, one I fell for for way too long, and my laundry suffered greatly.
·         Wool Dryer balls- people swear by these, but I have NOT seen any benefit other than fluffing capabilities, and tennis balls would work as well.

     Lastly, here is my basic list of things you need to make just about anything:

·         Vinegar
·         Dish Soap or Castile Soap
·         Baking Soda
·         Essential Oils
·         Hydrogen Peroxide
·         White Toothpaste
·         Lemons
·         Borax
·         Citric Acid (if you want to make fancy 1 time use pods)


Foaming Hand Soap (For 1 16-oz or 2 8-oz dispensers):
2 cups of water, boiled an cooled (or distilled)
1-2 TBSP of castile soap
10-20 drops lemon or orange essential oil
Put ingredients into pump dispenser.  Start with 10 drops of EO, and add more to your preference.
Time Saving Tip: Use a scented castile soap that you like and fill the dispensers with 2 TBSP and 2 cups of water.

Unscented- don’t use EO
Other scents- put 10-20 drops of your favorite EO (mine is Four Thieves by Eden’s Garden because it keeps sickness away)
Extra Moisturizing- add 1 tsp. of vitamin E oil

Lemon Microwave Cleaner:
4 Cups water
1 Lemon
Put 4 cups of water into a microwave save bowl.  Juice  the lemon into the water, and put both halves of the juiced lemon into the bowl.  Microwave for 3-5 minutes, then let sit and steam for 10 minutesWipe clean with damp cloth.

Lemon and Clove Nightly Sink Scrub:
2 cups baking soda
10 drops Lemon EO
10 drops Clove EO
1 squirt of dish soap
Add baking soda to jar and scent with EO.  Stir to combine.  Wet kitchen sink a bit and sprinkle up to ¼ cup of baking soda in sink.  Add a squirt of dish soap and scrub with a brush.  Rinse and dry with a cloth.  Store leftovers in a cool, dark place indefinitely.

Granite Cleaner:
3 TBSP Rubbing Alcohol
2 Cups of water
¼ tsp. castile soap or dish soap
Add ingredients in a spray bottle and shake to combine.
Spray on granite and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.
Store in spray bottle for up to 1 month.

Kitchen Disinfecting Spray:
16-ounce container of hydrogen peroxide- use 3% solution that you find in the drugstore
Spray top
Find a spray top that will fit your bottle.  Rinse any food particles away, and spray surface with hydrogen peroxide.  Let stand for 10 minutes and wipe or rinse clean (you can use castile soap for this).  Make sure to keep in original container. 
This is great for cutting boards.

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