Sunday, September 28, 2014

Meeting 1: Gathering a 3 Month Supply and a Year's Supply of Food

1st - Go to and sign up for their e-mails. This is an awesome site with so much great information. They send an e-mail every 2 weeks with FREE checklists to help you build, grow, and use your food storage. Their e-mails also include things like:
               - Beginners Guide and Pep Talk (The Pep Talk is what we talked about for the 1st Class.)
               - Self Stable Recipes Cookbook 
               - Family Emergency Plan Worksheets
               - Monthly Tips, News, and Sales E-mail

Their "Building a Food Storage Using 10 BabySteps" is super helpful. Here are the main steps they cover: 
     - Getting Started
     - Step 1: Shelves and Storage
     - Step 2: Water
     - Step 3: 3 Month Supply
     - Step 4: Long Term Storage Education
     - Step 5: Grains
     - Step 6: Legumes
     - Step 7: Baking Ingredients
     - Step 8: Fruits and Vegetables
     - Step 9: Comfort Foods
     - Step 10: Non-Food Items
     - Beyond the Baby Steps
"Follow along with us as we learn, experiment, and make food storage easy and fun!" - Jodi and Julie from

So, sign-up for their e-mails and do what they say and you'll be on your way to having food storage that you'll want to (and be able to eat)!!


  1. This is so helpful! The steps on where to begin is perfect. Thank you!