Sunday, January 25, 2015

Meeting 4c: Food Storage Inventories

Food Storage Inventory Resources
 How to track what you have, what you use, and remember where you bought it and for what price.

What do you want to inventory?:
      - Short-term food storage items
      - Long-term food storage items
      - Non-food items (ex. paper towels, tp, paper plates/cups, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.)
      - Emergency Prep. Inventory of Equipment (ex. dehydrator, solar oven, extra can openers, sterno or other fuel & stoves, etc.)
      - Valuables in your home in case of a house fire or natural disaster. You can include this list in your emergency binder and/or safe or safety deposit box. This is a must for insurance purposes.
      - Location of your food storage and other items on the spreadsheets. You can also add where you have found the best price and what the best price is.
A few meal planning food storage ideas:

* - 3 month food supply spreadsheet (FREE)
·         Click to download the worksheet. They also have a great basic tutorial on how to use the worksheet.
·         The spreadsheet also has tabs for "non-food items". The extra tutorial on this website will explain how to use that.

*Watch these awesome videos by Wendy DeWitt!! Seriously, you must if you haven't already! Here is the 1st one: Once you watch this one, it should suggest the next one. There are 9 short videos. She is funny and has great ideas. She is very motivating for me too. Take notes while you watch. She has a great way to plan meals and track that on note cards until you make a master list. 

Different Inventory Options:

* - Long-Term Food Storage Calculator Spreadsheet (FREE)
·         These are the spreadsheets I use to keep track of what I have. There are tutorials for this one too. You can download the spreadsheet from this page as well (toward the bottom of the post).

*CookingWithMyFoodStorage - Beautiful colored inventory you can print out. She also has lots of recipes and other great things on her website. Definitely check out for a simpler approach to your inventory.

*Stock Up Food - Stockupfood helps you find out how much food storage you need and easily keeps track of what you have. You can set goals too.  (Basic for FREE, nominal fee to customize and inventory non-food options)

*Android and iPhone apps for your phone or other devices (*Search in your app store for "food storage inventory" , "food storage", or "inventory" for more ideas.)
·         Free Apple apps - *Home Food Storage (Pantry, Prep, or Grocery) App, Expiration Tracker, eFoodStorage (you can scan the barcodes of food you buy), DispensaMini, etc.
·         Free Android apps - Food Storage Assistant, Food Storage Management (scan barcodes and say how many on hand and goal amount), etc.

*Microsoft Excel has various inventory spreadsheets available. Click "New" and type inventory in the search bar. They also have meal planning and grocery shopping spreadsheet templates you can customize OR make your own!!

* - Purchase their Preparedness Planner for $19.99 @ .


*Keep your inventories in an easy to access place - inside of pantry door or kitchen cupboard.  Write a date when you last updated your spreadsheet. You can hang a pencil on a string with it so you can update when you used something and need to replace. You can also keep a grocery list nearby that you check before going shopping. If you order anything online, you can keep those receipts in a folder or something until you can add them to your inventory for lbs. (or # of cans, price, and where you bought it). Write down where you are storing things (especially if things are scattered around your house/under beds/in closets/etc.)

*Please share any tips you have with us!

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