Thursday, January 22, 2015

Meeting 4a: Tips for buying food storage and other items in bulk

Erin Benhke shared some great tips on buying food storage and other items in bulk.  Here is what she shared with us:

    Bulk Buying Rules:

  1.  Calculate the price-per-unit (Value Tracker for iPhone, and Grocery Tracker for Android or price book)
  2. Never buy bulk if you have not used it before
  3. Never Bulk Buy Perishable Goods Unless You’re Going to Process All of it Immediately
  4. Have a place to store your items already planned
  5.   Keep an eye when you are low, so you can replenish before you run out
  6.  Bulk buy over time, not all at once 
  7.   Split bulk purchases with others if that makes sense 

Places to Look For Bulk Foods:
  1.    Amazon Subscribe and Save (five items in one month saves an additional 15%)
  2. Amazon (search for bulk), just be sure to add shipping into the price
  3. Google search for bulk items (use specific name brands)
  4. Wilderness Family Naturals for anything coconut
  5. LDS Storehouse (although price check items)
  6. Aldi (beats prices on LDS Storehouse on many things)
  7. Walton food orders, Montana Wheat food orders
  8. Farmer’s Market bulk food section
  9. Local farm to buy a cow to split the meat (same for other types of meat)
  10. Agri supply or farm store
  11. Costco
  12. Target online (via Ebates [2.5% back],with their card [5% off & free shipping or store pick up] along with their subscription program [usually 5%]).  

   Items to think about buying in bulk:
  1.  Shampoo by the gallon ($39/128oz vs.  $8.39/18oz= about half the price)
  2. Conditioner by the gallon
  3. Laundry soap
  4. Toilet paper
  5.  Paper
  6.  Pens and pencils
  7.  Toothbrushes
  8.  Coconut oil
  9.  Towels
  10. Canned goods (larger sizes vs. smaller ones)
  11.  Freeze dried food
  12. Grains and beans
  13.  Freezer bags, disposable baking pans
  14.  Silverware (from Ikea)
  15. Small appliances (group buy)
  16. Almost anything can be bought at wholesale when you buy enough!
     Tips Shared by those who were in attendance:
  1. (Will Be updated Soon)

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