Thursday, December 11, 2014

Product Recommendation - Luci inflatable Solar Lantern (no batteries needed!!)

Do you worry that if you needed to use your batteries in an emergency that you might run out? I worry about it all of the time. Sure we have flashlights with batteries in them, but by the time we need to use them, will they still be working. I heard somewhere you should have at minimum enough batteries to give each flashlight/headlamp/etc. 3 cycles of batteries each. So, if one flashlight needs 2-4, you'll need 6-12 batteries for that one flashlight + enough for your others. This is a minimum. More is always better. Anyway, check this out...

This solar power lantern is awesome! I did a lot of research online and stumbled up it. It was between this and the LuminAid. Luci won because it rated better. Here's what I like about the Luci:

- Solar powered (It has a handle on both sides, so you can carry it, or attach that to the outside of your backpack and it will charge while you are out camping/hiking/doing whatever.) 
- Inflatable and Packable (takes up no space when deflated)
- Rechargeable (I recharge mine by having it deflated and inbetween my blinds and the window so it is always charging and ready until I need it) and I know right where to find it! 
- Waterproof Lantern (Fine to use in the rain, on a boat, etc.)
- Maintenance free
- It is light (My kids drop flashlights and lanterns all of the time, sometimes they stop working because of it. This won't. That's awesome! 

**Here is a great Q & A on the Luci website to answer any additional questions you have about it:

This would make a great night light! No fire risk or use of expensive batteries

This would be a great addition to a car kit! I know our flashlights are always dead when we need them to change a tire or something. We always have to whip out a phone and that's not as helpful sometimes. Our goal is to have one in each 72 hour kit so we'll always have a light source. At this price, that is doable. 

When else could you see this as being helpful?

*I am not a paid endorser of this product. I just bought one and love it, so I wanted to share with others a neat product that would be great in an emergency or non-emergency situation that isn't too expensive.*

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  1. Price: $14.99 free Amazon prime.....if any one wants to order....I can do that ...and I would ask seller if they will go lower for #'s......let me know...